You're Ruining my Immersion!

Immersion shattering moments in video games from around the Internet

If there was an, “Noooooo, my immersion!!!” the musical, this would be the opening piece.

Growth hormones have really gotten out of hand in the NBA. 


NBA 2k15 Face Scanner Glitches

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After several months in the making, the 7th Stand User English Translation is finally complete! Thanks to everyone who supported me during this project, especially Clayman for not only giving me her blessing but being super cooperative and encouraging throughout.

There’s still much more to do, of course - even though it’s a fan-game, it is also a big game and the result of over 5 years of work on the creator’s part. You could play it 10 times over and still not find everything, which is why I plan to put up a guide sometime soon. In addition, since I was the only one working on the game and I’m not the greatest when it comes to catching errors, I’m putting this out as a beta - I’m going to try and put out an updated version once I get a little more feedback on the translation. Until then, enjoy! Please check the readme as I’ve included an FAQ for common issues like squished text, but if you have a problem that isn’t covered there, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Download here (22MB .zip)

Can your immersion stand Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User? RPG Maker 2000 is a stand. 

You will become immersed in the realism afforded to women in the new to US/EU MMO Archeage.

Archeage is a cutting edge game filled with realism. One could immerse one’s self into this pirate like world quite easily!

They’re not gamers though, which is why I call them casuals and not casual gamers. Peasants aren’t kings just because they’re part of the same kingdom as the king.

GoodKingMoggleMog on “The Sims move in to No. 1 in this week’s UK charts”

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Madden Football 15 is a realistic gaming experience simulating the complexities of gravity and motion.

Hideo Kojima has found new ways of entertaining his audience.

I think i’d watch UFC more often if it was like this.

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